These indicators discussed below will help you know if you can trust him

10 Signs You Can Trust Your Man

The #1 underlying element in any solid relationship is trust. Here’s how to know you can trust him.

10 Signs You Should Trust The Man You’re With

Trust is the bedrock of any serious, loving, stable relationship. Without it every other area of the relationship is doomed to fail. Trust is not something you can see physically but these indicators we’re discussing this article will help you notice it.

But before we get into the 10 signs you can trust your man, there are other principles that support a loving, lasting relationship. These are the things that make marriages last for 10, 20 or more years and still be enjoyable.

I have been married 14 years this year and all these principles are what has kept us going, not just hanging in there but truly banging it as we go along. It’s been a fun and great adventure.

There are principles that support relationships. Principles that foster love and affection for the long haul. These are in no special order:

  • Smart
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Sex
  • Communication
  • Humor
  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Forgiveness

But the most important principle is Trust! There importance of trust in any relationship cannot be overstated.

Trust is actually the principle that undergirds all other principles. It’s the principle that is the foundation of love and actually makes love last, and all the other principles work out.

So here are the ten signs you can trust your man. Check it out

1. You feel protected by your man

Signs you can trust your man
You feel protected emotionally, physically and spiritually by your man

This indicator is multi-faceted. You feel protected by them emotionally. You know they’re not going to belittle you in front of other people or make fun of you in front of other people.

They won’t push your buttons, you know the stuff that only they know that you’ve confided in them with. They’re going to protect your emotions. They’re going to protect you physically. You know that you are safe around them.

They’re gonna protect you spiritually. In other words they’re going to root for you, cheer you on, support you when going after your dreams and the things that matter most to you.

They’re not going to discourage you or undermine you or try to criticize you for trying to grow and live a life that you would love.

2. He’s faithful to you

Signs you can trust your man
Your man is faithful to you and you only.

I know that’s sort of elemental, that’s fundamental. When it comes to having trust in a relationship is that you both know and expect each other to be monogamous. So if you have that agreement. It’s a spoken agreement and you’re living into it.

You can feel it because you can feel when your partner is out of alignment with being faithful. You know there’s just something off you can feel when they’re not being honest or they’re messing around on the side.

So you know your partner is faithful in that they both spoken it but they’re also living into that agreement and your own intuition is feeling at peace about this.

It’s different than you might have thoughts or fear that try to nag at you that aren’t really founded in your real intuition. When your real intuition is grounded you feel them congruent and that’s gonna foster the trust that you have with one another.

3. He’s a very close friend

Signs you can trust man
Friendship with your man is great sign you can trust him

One of the signs that your can trust your man is that there will always be a very close friendship. Friendship vital for creating trust. It’s taking on new experiences, having adventures together. It’s growing and learning together.

It’s seeing new things. You know when you have that friendship bond. It’s not just that you guys are married or you’re boyfriend/girlfriend but you’re actually friends. You’re laughing together, you’re enjoying moments together.

This creates deep trust with one another and helps you overcome any obstacle that life will throw at the two of you.

It’s just like the way companies invest literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to take their teams out to ropes courses or to take their teams on bonding trips. Why do they do that?

They do that because they know that it’s on those trips when they’re going through the adversity of group challenges and the adventure of ropes course where they’re having to work together, to rely on one another, where they’re laughing together that creates friendships.

Friendships create caring and also creates trust and all of that creates a much better work environment where they’re able to produce way better and way more work so it’s valuable for the company.

Same thing in a marriage that if you get caught up in just the work of being together, or in a relationship that work and the monotony of being together.

Create some friendship in it. Go on an adventure together. Create some fun make sure that you’re laughing because that in and of itself will foster more trust.

4. Your partner shares in the chores

Signs you can trust your man
Sharing the chores around the house is a great for building trust

Life comes with chores doesn’t it? We know that you want to have a good life there’s going to be chores, there’s gonna be the dishes, there’s gonna be the laundry and taking care of the kids and all of that kind of stuff.

So if you know that your partner isn’t just gonna dump that on you and split and come back when everything’s done but you know that you’re both going to share in the load, you’re both going to carry the load so to speak, that actually creates trust.

It creates a bond between the two of you that builds the relationship.

5. He works works hard to increase the financial security

Signs you can trust your man
He works hard to ensure the family is provided for.

Now in your partnership one of you might be contributing financially or you both might be contributing financially. So working hard can mean actually contributing to the money earning but it can also mean taking care of the money.

It can also mean being a good steward of the money. Being financially stable helps create trust. It helps create that calm, that peace of mind. It means that your nervous system can relax knowing that you’re going to be able to pay the bills. It means that everything is going to be taken care of.

So when you have a partner that’s not going to gamble the money away, that’s going to have the same mindset about spending that you do, that really helps foster the trust.

If he’s bringing in the money and you’re simply spending it on clothes and what have you, then trust cannot be built. It’s still true even if you also contribute largely to the financial well being of the relationship.

Find ways to save if you can. Look for a bargain on say clothing that will help you save. You can still look fly without spending so much. So instead to going to say Nordstrom to get that beautiful and sexy night gown, you could go to some other shop where you can get the same thing but way cheaper and you’ll be happy about it.

He’d really appreciate that about you because he knows that you’re going to be a good steward of the resources that he or you both are bringing to the relationship.

6. He make you feel sexually desirable

Signs you can trust your man
Does he find you sexually desirable? Do you turn him on?

Do they get turned on by you? Do they show that because having a great sex life is a healthy part of a relationship. I mean it’s critical and them showing that they are turned on by you is the first sign of that.

So it might be them coming up behind you and kissing you on the neck or whispering in your ear that you turn them on. It might be them sending you little dirty texts at work. Might be them letting you know they want to get it on.

It could be all kinds of things. Talking to couples who were married 40, 50, 60, even 70 years and even as grandmas and grandpas in their 80s in their 90s still pinching each others butts still saying “whoo you sexy thing” and the are grandmas and grandpas.

So no matter how old you are letting the other person know that they turn you on is one of the things that not only fosters trust but drives long-lasting love

7. You have influence in the relationship

Signs you can trust your man
Do you have any influence in the relationship?

It’s not just your partner’s way or the highway. One of the demonstrations of love is that you both allow each other to influence one another.

So this isn’t one person completely dominating or controlling the relationship but really both of you giving and receiving and being influenced and influencing one another, and allowing yourself to be influenced is a great demonstration that there’s love existing in this relationship.

8. You can actually trust that your partner will listen to you

Signs you can trust your man
Is there’s an argument, does he listen to you?

Of the ten signs you can trust your man, this is a big one. Do they listen to you in an argument? This is important because every relationship has arguments. Every relationship has challenges.

However, what makes love last is the ability to overcome those trouble times and spots. So you must have love that’s bigger than the argument. You must have love that’s bigger than the challenge if you want love to last.

The key to that is being able and willing to listen to each other. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be perfect or that he’s gonna be perfect.

You might get defensive or resentful in the beginning and you might both need to have your walk around the block. But you can trust that eventually you’re both going to come together. That eventually you’re both going to listen to one another to seek that understanding.

This is what gives you both the power to overcome the challenge and the argument that you’re both facing. Create an even stronger bond because of working through that and take your love to the next level.

9. His words and actions align and reflect the values you both agree on

Signs you can trust your man
Does his words match his actions? Is he improving his life?

Now the first part of this is pretty straightforward. You can trust someone when their words and actions align in other words they keep their agreements. They do what they say they’re gonna do.

If they say they will meet you at 7:00 then they meet you at 7:00 or they say I’ll call you tomorrow morning then they call you tomorrow morning. That is foundational that their words and actions align.

Do their actions reflect the value you both share? Are they doing those things that subconsciously builds trust in the relationship?

So if they say they want to get healthier or they want to get more fit are they eating healthier, are they actually going to the gym or working out at home?

If they say that they want to do more personal development, are they reading? Are they going to events?

If they say their spiritual life matters to them do you see that reflected in their actions? Are they going to church or are they meditating? Are they connecting to the spirit, maybe go through nature however they choose to connect?

Are they actually doing those things because it’s in doing those things that show congruence and that congruence fosters trust.

10. He takes your feelings into account when making decisions

Signs you can trust your man
Discussing important decisions together is the start to a great relationship

This is important when it comes to talking about signs you can trust your man.

Does your partner consider how you’re gonna feel about something?

Does he actually consult with you before making those decisions?

Let’s say he wants to throw a big barbecue event for his friends and neighbors. Did he discuss that with you? Did he make sure that you’re happy and fully on board with the idea before even sending out the invitations to his friends?

If he discusses it with you, it helps in creating an experience that you both will enjoy and that will continue to bolster the trust you both have in the relationship.


So these are the ten signs that you can actually trust your man. But here’s what’s interesting if you want to attract a man like this, if you want to have this man in your life or more of these types of behaviors from your existing man in your life.

In other words if you want to dial up the trust then the question is are you the kind of woman who he can trust? This is because like attracts like. When you become the version of the thing you want you attract it more into your life or you inspire others to actually step up to the plate.

So I’m gonna list them here real quick so you can ask yourself these questions.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you protect your man mentally, emotionally even physically by having his back?
  2. Are you faithful?
  3. Do you create the experience where he knows you’ll be a friend to him as well as a lover?
  4. Do you share the chores?
  5. Do you work hard to increase the financial security?
  6. Do you show that you sexually desire him?
  7. Do you give him power and influence in the relationship as well as you have power and influence in the relationship?
  8. When arguing do you listen?
  9. Do your words and actions align with the values that you have?
  10. Do you take your partner’s feelings into account when making decisions?

Being aligned with these activities, being aligned with this way of being not only will foster the trust in the relationship but it will help pave the way for a long-lasting loving relationship between you and your man.

My question to you is this: what signs do you look for that indicate that you can trust your man? Are there signs you can trust your man that we didn’t list?

If there was something that I didn’t mention here go ahead and post it in the comment section below or if one of these really spoke to you post that in the comment section below because I love hearing from you.

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