These are not deal-breakers, nevertheless don't ignore them.

7 Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

These are not deal breakers but take a good note when you see them in new relationships.

Ignore These Relationship Red Flags At Your Own Peril: Wasted Time & Heartbreak

Red flags in a relationship are meant to alert us to potential danger down the line in the relationship. And it’s not just in dating or marriage but generally red flags warn us of impending danger. Today we will take about relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore when you see them come up in your partner.

If you’re a relationship and want to navigate your love life well, these 7 signs will help you greatly.

In life, there are flags that are meant to guide us meant to steer us in the right direction. For example if you’re skiing or snowboarding and you come across an orange flag generally means two runs merging.

If you ignore the orange flag, you might have a devastating collision with another skier. Or perhaps you’re on a tropical beach and there’s a red flag at a certain section of the beach. It means they’re warning you that the water current there is dangerous and can suck you out. So steer clear for your own safety.

Relationship red flags are there to support you in creating the great relationship that you want. In and so in this article, I’m going to share with you seven red flags you should never ignore early in a relationship.

Before we go ahead it’s important to note that a red flag is not a deal breaker. So if you see one of these red flags, it doesn’t mean cast the relationship aside.

What it means is be awake and be aware that you might be entering the danger zone with this guy. It might be something to consider and as you see things progress down the wrong way then cast them aside because it will save you weeks and months and help steer you or guide you towards the right relationship.

Relationship red flags are also not meant to scare you this is simply meant to guide you and support you along your journey. So here we go…

1. He’s resentful towards his mom

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
How the relationship with the mom like?

This is an interesting one because the relationships that we have with our parents are deep-seated relationships.The emotions run deep and so when you’re with a man, check his emotional past. The work that he’s done around his relationship with his mom.

He might have a great relationship with his mom or his mom might have sucked. She may have been a horrible mom but what you’re looking for is his emotional state with his relationship with his mom. 

If he’s done his forgiveness work, if he’s healed you would know. If he says you know what “I had a horrible mom growing up but God bless her she had challenges and you know I just loved her from afar.”

That’s what you’re looking for versus if he’s resentful, he is still has a lot of hatred or a lot of anger towards her. Because if that still exists he’s suppressing it down and that is not healthy for him and you.

It’s going to bubble up and shoot out in all kinds of different directions which might also include towards you.

2. He speaks poorly about his exes

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
Is he telling you all his exes are crazy and full of drama? You could be next.

Here’s what I mean. You’ve been with those people you ask them questions like “oh well how long you been single? Or tell me about your love life.” Check what kind of their love life comes up.

It might not all be at once but as you notice they start talking about their exes over time and every single ex was crazy, every single ex was drama, every single ex it was her fault. This is one the relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore because people who are drama, carry and create drama everywhere they go.

So if everyone else, if all of his exes were crazy well then guess what that makes you in his mind eventually you are going to be the crazy one. So if you notice that the guy brings up his exes and every single one is crazy or every single one had something wrong with them, it might be a red flag that the guy you have is drama himself.

3. What your intuition is telling you that something is off

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
What is your intuition telling you? Is there something you just put a finger on?

This one’s often subtle. It’s not that big blaring like you know something’s off and it’s clear when you see him. This where it gets people. It’s where everything is right, like there’s so much about him that’s right. He’s got everything in the right places, things line up on paper correctly.

However there’s just something that you can’t put your finger on. There’s just something that is a little bit off. Something doesn’t quite make sense or he’s not sharing something or something seems like it’s gonna come out later.

When your intuition is pinging you trust it. Because almost always something comes up later. For example

  • you end up finding out he’s still married.
  • you end up finding out he’s not who he says he is.
  • you end up finding out he doesn’t live where he said he does
  • you end up finding out something will always come up

When your intuition is pinging you trust it.

4. He’s continuously rescheduling or canceling dates with you

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
Is he always rescheduling or canceling the date?

Now this might for good reasons. For instance we all know if someone’s rescheduling or just blowing us off for breaking agreements. We know that we’re not going to be with that person.

But this one is tough although they are good reason. This one is like you like him but he’s constantly rescheduling because of the kids. Or because there’s a big work project or because he had to really help someone in need.

These are all good-hearted reason and endeavors that he’s doing. Things that you are supportive of and so it causes you to be in this place of compassion but you’re constantly disappointed.

If you are noticing that there’s a pattern of that or it’s just a repeated cycle of him needing to reschedule and postpone or cancel dates, take that as a red flag.

Be aware of that because someone who doesn’t know how to take charge constantly attracts unexpected crisis that come up all the time and it’s just a perpetual cycle. So be aware of that red flag.

Now since we’re talking about dates and when he does show up you, want to have interesting conversation. A lot of women ask what are some great questions that I can ask to both get to know who he really is?

And whether or not there are these red flags and also keep the date light and fun and interesting? There’s an interesting article I posted a while back on the perfect first date question to ask a guy. You may find it an interesting read.

5. Is he treating people differently than you?

What this means is if you notice that he’s really nice with you but rude or dismissive to other people around you that’s inconsistency. That’s not being congruent and that could be a red flag.

So you’re at dinner with him and you’re having this great intimate conversation and the waiter comes by and interrupts in it and it frustrates him. It makes am irritating, he’s just dismissive to the waiter.

Or say you’re taking an Uber somewhere and he’s rude or dismissive to the Uber driver. Or you get to the restaurant and the hostess says that your table isn’t ready yet and he gets mad and is mean or rude to the hostess.

You want to pay special attention to that because while he may be making you feel really special and like the center of the world, if he has the capacity to be dismissive and rude to other people it’s only a matter of time before that behavior comes around and gets poured on to you.

6. Does he have mood swings?

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
Is he always in a roller-coaster mood?

This is where he’s hyped up, he’s feeling great, he’s the polite for the party one day and then he’s super depressed the next day.

If you see that someone isn’t consistent and they’ve got really high highs and really low lows that could be a relationship red flag. You want someone who’s in your life who’s gonna be a rock, who’s gonna be consistent, who’s gonna be stable because life has its own ups and downs.

Life has its own challenges. You don’t want to be dealing with someone who’s natural mood swings can ride high and low. You want someone who can ride with you and whether those storms in life because they will come.

7. Being obsessed about work

Relationship red flags you shouldn't ignore
If he’s working and have no time for the relationship, beware.

This one’s a little bit tough because it’s it’s okay to be driven. It’s okay to be ambitious and have  dreams and to work hard towards those dreams. However, what you’re looking for here is the nuance of someone who’s obsessed about work.

In other in other words they demote the relationship. They can’t hang out because they’re always working or they’re only able to hang out really late at night or obscure times of the week because everything they’re doing is focused on this work.

They promise you when this is done, when I sell the business or when I get this project done or when I achieve this milestone then I will be able to pour into the relationship. From experience very few men are actually able to make that transition.

What happens for us as men, those who are obsessed with work is they get so much juice from the work itself, so much juice from the deal from finishing the project that once it’s done, they want the next one.

They create another project that would create another business and it’s just this perpetual road that they’re on. So if you’re not with someone who can also prioritize the relationship and have a bit of balance and be able to do both, that’s a red flag.

Don’t hang on waiting for some down the road, a promise that never comes because that’s the recipe for actually wasting weeks and months or even years in the wrong relationship.


There you have it. Seven relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore in a new relationship. Once again these are just guideposts and not necessarily deal-breakers but you want to pay special attention to these because recognizing them early can save you a lot of time and heartache with the wrong person.

Once you find out and make your decision to move, it will help you actually meet the right person.  What red flags have you noticed that I didn’t mention? Red flags that you know and can see them, spot them? They could actually help someone else avoid the wrong guy. Post those red flags in the comments section below. I always love connecting with you through those comments.

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