12 Signs You're in a healthy relationship

12 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

If you saw a relationship that is headed for the rocks, will you recognize it?

12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship? If you saw a couple or spent any amount of time with them, would there be any telltale signs to help you recognize that their relationship is a healthy one or is headed for the dumps?

Well in this article we’re giving you 12 relationship signs that will help recognize the good from the bad. It’s not exhaustive but you will sure will be equipped with these tips whether you just started dating or you’re looking forward to saying yes to a potential partner.

Many people want to have happy and meaningful love. But as the current dating model becomes superficial and full of infinite choices, having and maintaining healthy relationship is easier said than done.

The spark at first was great. But dating it ’s not just about attracting each other to maintain a relationship. So you may be thinking: how do we build and maintain a healthy relationship from hereon after? And to ensure long-term happiness with your partner? Were here to help.

Here are 12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

1. Open Communication

A good relationship starts with honesty and openness. Do you think you can discuss anything with your partner, whether it’s personal needs or taboo topics? Will you both spend time listening and understanding each other?

Good communication means using specific skills, including friendly body language, listening attentively, and respectful language.

2. How You Handle Disputes

At first glance it may seem strange, but in healthy relationships, disputes are normal.

Otherwise, you may just keep suppressing and turning these emotions into hatred. A partner with good communication can effectively argue. Both parties can state their opinions and try to understand each other’s position.

They also know when to apologize for their mistakes. This is a very important point. Saying sorry doesn’t mean you’re weak. It’s a sign of great strength for a person to recognize when they’re in the wrong, accept it and say “I’m sorry”, and mean it.

Care must be taken not use past mistakes as a tool to hurt the other party when a dispute comes up. It’s important to deal with the issue at hand without bringing in past mistakes your partner made yesterday, two months or years ago.

3. You Do Not Publicize the Details of Feelings

When arguing with a partner, it is normal to seek help from a trusted friend or family member. But posting emotional issues on social media is “passive-aggressive”. You risk destroying the trust you and your partner have built over the course of the relationship whether it’s a few weeks or months.

Everyone needs a little privacy to feel safe, and feelings are no exception. Your partner needs to know that if they shared their feelings with you, it remains safe with you without a third party or the world knowing about it the next day.

4. You Don’t Old Accounts or Hold Onto Past Grudges

So you had an argument with your guy or gal. You said a few things which were out of place. We all do from time to time. As you get to know your partner more and more, it is normal for you to get angry with each other more easily. More often than not, we will be emotional and unintentionally say hurtful words.

But after realizing our mistakes and apologizing, is the other party still continue to be hostile? If you’re the offended and continue holding on to old grudges, it becomes harmful to feelings in the long run. This is not how to build a healthy relationship.

Remember to make things clear when you are angry and learn to forgive and also accept forgiveness.

5. You Have Realistic Expectations in the Relationship

There is no perfect lover. It takes a lot of effort to endure emotions. One the of the signs of a healthy relationship is being real with your partner. Healthy partners know that the key to lasting relationships is dedication, open communication, and concessions.

Yes, sometimes you have to take turns to make concessions.

6. You Retain Your Personal Time and Space

Being in healthy relationship does not mean that you are together all the time everywhere. You can have individual lives, interests and friends. You still need those anyway. Ask yourself whether you’re able to maintain individuality in the relationship.

Do you worry about your partner feeling jealous or angry when you’re out with your friends or pursuing personal interests? It’s important to manage a life other than a relationship.

In one of our articles discussing what men really want in the woman they’re dating, we said that one of the things men desire is a woman who is pursuing their interest and doing well to be the best version of themselves.

7. You Trust Each Other

When you’re not together with your partner, do you worry about where they are and who they’re with? Do you begin to conjecture all sorts of ideas about what evils they may be doing whilst they’re away from you? That’s not a sign of a healthy relationship.

Tracking your partner on social media or using an app, or requesting the other party to monitor and report them from time to time, are all signs of trust issues or codependency. Trust means respecting your partner ’s decisions and feeling safe.

If the relationship is truly healthy, you need to be able to let them be away from your personal space and they should be able to handle themselves with the opposite sex or whomever they’re with.

8. You Enjoy Time Together

Oh yes, this is great one. Whether it’s a dinner date or being together on the couch watching Netflix, you like the time you spend with your them.

A healthy relationship involves finding time to establish contact with your partner even on a busy schedule with work and life in general. This is not simply your obligation, but the way to enjoy life.

9. You Are Friends.

Good partners have common interests and like to pass the time together and make each other laugh just like you would with your friends.

Just like good friends, partners in a healthy relationship can discuss anything! They’re able to reveal their concerns to each other without worrying about criticism. It is important to feel comfortable with your partner.

10. You Make Important Decisions Together.

A healthy relationship is not a power struggle, but an equal partnership between the two parties. If you cannot agree on which restaurant to go to, one of the parties may have to give in. But next week or the next time around, the party will have the upper hand.

Making a compromise when it comes to deciding on day to day issues is the key. You don’t always have to win or your option/opinion doesn’t have to be the correct one always. Let him or her win too.

11. How Close or Intimate Are You With Your Partner?

Yes, sex is really important in a healthy relationship, but so is intimate interactions. Getting intimate with your partner doesn’t always have to be sexual. Intimate behavior can be bonding, holding each other whether at home or in public in acceptable ways or romantic behaviors.

Maintaining a healthy relationship means holding your partner emotionally, spending quality time, sharing gifts, or other forms of showing love.

12. Are You Growing or Are You Allowing Each Other To Grow?

Our last tip for signs of a healthy relationship is about growth. Are you growing in the relationship? Are you learning from each other?

Correcting your partner does not mean supporting an unacceptable behavior. Partners who form a healthy relationship will love to push each other to be better people than when they met them.

You push him or her to get better in her career, health and other aspects of life. If they have habits that are not helpful, are you helping them to reform it?

This brings us to the end of our discussing on the 12 signs of a healthy relationship whether you’re at the beginning of dating or you’re already years into the game. We trust you find it useful. If there’s something we missed, feel free to share with in the comments section below.

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