Lies men tell women all the time

Top 3 More Lies Men Tell Women

Is he simply looking for sex or a proper relationship?

Lies Men Tell Women When He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

In this today article we reveal the three lies men tell women regardless geographical location. Now there are many reasons why men lie to the opposite sex. An article published on HuffPost states that men lie to women because women simply don’t listen. It’s an interesting read.

A new UK study shows that men are twice as likely as women to consider themselves good at lying and getting away with it. In this study 194 people were quizzed with half of the participants being men and the other half being women.

They were asked a series of questions including:

  • how good they were at deceiving others
  • how many lies they had told in the past 24 hours, and
  • the types of lies that they told.

The study found a major link between lying and gender. Men were actually twice as likely to consider themselves expert liars.

Why is this important ladies?

This is important because you need to know how to watch out for lying guys so you don’t put yourself in a situation to be manipulated or used in a relationship.

So in this article, I’m gonna cover the three lies men tell women so you can protect yourself.

The findings showed that these guys are usually smooth talkers who tell more lies than others and they usually lie to family, friends, romantic partners and colleagues.

Now you’re gonna learn the reasons behind why men tell these lies and what they wish they could tell you instead. Let’s get into it.

1. We don’t have to have sex we can just hang out and talk.

Lies men tell women
Lies men tell women

Now this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Often you’ll go on a first or second date with a guy and he’s gonna try to move the date back to his place or yours.

This could mean inviting you to come over for a glass of wine at his house after dinner or when he drops you off at your house he could say something like “well should I come inside and maybe we can watch a movie maybe”?

To which you respond “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’d like to take things slow”. Then he hits you with the lie… “we don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, we can just cuddle, we can just hang out”.

He does not want to just cuddle, he wants more than that.

Now there’s a couple of tactics that men use to get women to come over to their house or to get the women to invite them over to their place. Now the first is usually the most simple and that’s the most common tactic that men use.

That’s just leading with higher energy. Typically when you’re interacting with people one person has more energy and is on the leading edge of the interaction. They’re the ones who guide the conversation and with that they guide the focus.

Now remember whoever controls the focus controls the interaction and he may just act more energized and more excited than you. And if you’re a people pleaser, he may try to make you feel bad in some way like you’re ruining the moment or something like “oh you only live once, we’re having such a great time come on trust me.”

Another tactic men may use is to create a compelling experience for you over at his place. He may have this special unique food that he got overseas that he’d like to cook for you. His condo may have a great view of the city that you can see nowhere else.

Or maybe he’s got a book that he really wants to lend you he wants you to check it out tonight.

Listen some men I know put a lot of thought on how they can make their home a destination for women. They want to create dozens of compelling reasons on why you need to visit their house at that moment.

Now maybe you’re saying listen he’s a really nice guy, I’ve known him for a while that’s great but I promise you even nice guys are gonna try to sleep with you. Just trust me here he does not plan on you just staying over for a little bit even if he says that he’s certainly not planning on just talking with you for hours.

Even if he tempts you with that offer and even if you know him well and you’re sure that he could just leave it at cuddling without throwing a tantrum, you just don’t want to lead him on and most importantly you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable declining his sexual advances.

Men, even really nice guys are gonna act like horny single-minded teenagers who just want to sleep with you in bed at the end of the day. That’s how most men are wired.

So the best move that you can make here is to just politely decline his offer maybe giving him a kiss and saying that sounds nice but I can’t tonight. I had a really amazing time good night and just leave.

That’s gonna help keep the mystery alive. It’ll fuel his desires to see you more. He’s gonna realize that he has to put in real effort to get to know you and be a better man before you would consider that.

During the time he spends getting to know you that’s when he can develop more feelings for you and that’s how you hook a guy long before you ever have sex with him.

Now I know that may sound a bit old-school and I fully support a woman’s right to sexual freedom if you want to be single by all means go do your thing. Certainly go ahead and sleep with him on your first date.

But if you’re looking for a long-term commitment, waiting at least a month to sleep with a guy is a great way to get to know him more and to prevent yourself from getting tricked by players or immature boys.

The three date rule in play

You see men are well aware of this three date rule in which women wait until the third day to sleep with them. So if you don’t sleep with him by the third date two things may happen.

One he might get fed up and disappear or two he’ll be intrigued by you and your personality and he’s gonna want to get to know you more. He’s gonna think who is this amazing woman. She’s different.

If he does disappear in that moment you’re gonna know his plan all along was just to sleep with you and nothing more and you’ll have dodged a bullet.

To make it easier to avoid ending up in either of your places, just choose dates that take place in public and always use your own mode of transportation.

Don’t let him pick you up and take you there and that’s gonna ensure that he doesn’t have to end up at your place and need to use the bathroom or some other excuse. Additionally, it gives you more time to get to know each other on a deeper emotional level.

It’s gonna help him to think of you as more than just a sexual escapade. You’re gonna leave him wanting more if you say goodbye to him without letting him inside your house.

Remember it’s always best to indulge men in the chase and keep that mystery alive as long as possible.

2. I’ve never met anyone like you before

Lies men tell women
He’s never met anyone like her. Could be true but maybe not.

This line usually falls off the lips of a charming, handsome guy on your first or second date before you’ve ever slept with him. Now of course you’re right to be flattered. It’s a nice thing to hear.

It might be cute to hear him say it but unfortunately this is a typical lie men say to get women to sleep with them. Other common phrases that fall into this category are I wish I met you years ago or you’re the woman of my dreams.

You know if he says that jokingly or simply says “just lets get married right now”. Even if a guy is just joking, remember we’re talking about a guy saying these lines on the first or second date before you’ve ever slept with him.

He’s hitting you with this overload of affection for a reason he’s probably attracted to you and he wants to sleep with you and maybe you’re thinking “well great I want to date a man who wants to sleep with me”.

So that’s a good thing but just know that after the first or second date he still doesn’t know you and he can’t really be a great judge of character if he actually means these things.  Because this should take time right?

It should take time for him to get to know you as a person but men will use charming lines like these even if they’re joking to break down the emotional walls that you’ve put up to guard your heart. It’s a way for him to role play and your body can feel the same emotions even if he’s joking as if he was saying it for real.

He wants you to feel safe and become more vulnerable. He knows it’s one of the best ways to get you into bed especially if he’s a player type and he’s tried this tactic again and again and it’s worked for him.

If a man uses any of these lines with you when you first meet he’s telling you what he thinks you want to hear and he’s trying to get you to be in more of a flirtatious rapport with them so just don’t take these things seriously.

You can just brush it off as being flirtatious. Let him put in more effort to get to know you on a deeper level and if he really likes you the way that he’s claiming then he’s not gonna have any problem waiting to sleep with you and putting in real effort to learn about you and allow you to learn about him.

3. I don’t like talking about the future let’s just live in the moment.

LIes men tell women
Does he have any plans for the future that includes your goals?

If the guy that you’re dating says this to you you should definitely see it as a red flag! Why? Well most men especially high quality guys know what they want regarding their love life. They do. They have dreams that they want to fulfill.

If he doesn’t want to talk to you about the future, it’s for a reason. It could be because he doesn’t imagine a future with you in it or because he doesn’t want to define the relationship by saying let’s live in the moment.

He buys himself time to have eat his cake and have it too. He gets to hang out with you no strings attached, no promises made. He might even go so far as telling you “what’s wrong with what we have right now? It’s so perfect!.”

Again this is a way men manipulate women. You should be able to tell what kind of relationship you want with him in the future and if he loves you he should want to make your dreams a reality.

If he has a different idea of what his future looks like then you both can work that as a couple and see if you can compromise. However, if he doesn’t want to talk about the future at all it’s because he doesn’t plan on giving you more than you have right now.

Immature men avoid talking about the future.

If he said to you actually I only want to date you for a few months because you’re cool but I really plan on dumping you once summer comes around. Well then obviously you break up with them right there.

So instead of making any promises he’ll keep things vague on purpose. Of course you should want to know where your relationship is going. It’s totally normal to want to make plans with the person that you love or to want to have a relationship with.

If you’ve dating him a few months, you need to know with clarity where the relationship is headed. This will put you at ease and let you know you’re both on the same page as far as your goals go.

If you want to get married and he doesn’t or if you want to have kids in the next year and he doesn’t those are some pretty big deal breakers.

If he doesn’t want to talk about a future for you both, he’s gonna get to keep having all the benefits of you as his girlfriend without having to do any of the work of compromise that a long-term commitment requires.

Conclusion: Whether you’re it’s your first date or you’ve been for a few months now, it’s important to be clear on where you stand in the relationship.

So there you have it. These are the three lies men tell women especially early stages of the relationship. Ladies, what are some of the lies men have told you and you only got to know it was a lie after they’ve gotten into your pants? Feel free to share them with us.

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