Online dating tips that will lead you to the right guy for you

Best 7 Online Dating Tips for Women

The best tips for online chat for an offline relationship. Or is it?

The Best of Online Dating Advice for Ladies

Here’s a funny viewpoint when it comes to discussing online dating tips for women or even men: online dating shouldn’t be called online dating. It should be called online chat to find an offline relationship. But that doesn’t sound good, does it?

But seriously, when you’re online, don’t let yourself fall into an online relationship. Because when you’re with guys you only met that online and you haven’t met her in real life, you put yourself at serious, emotional risk.

And in the end you miss the point in all of that what is a relationship to get in the real world. So here is some successful online dating tips and tricks to ensure that the guys really interested in you so you can have that amazing offline relationship that you really deserve.

Now I have no plans to bore you with all the basics of online dating. Because chances are if you have made any kind of online dating, you know you get a good picture and at least write the basics in your profile.

So really this article is going to teach you some tips and tricks that you’ve probably never heard of or even thought about it.

1. Message Guys – Quick and Short

Yeah single ladies, make the move first. But keep it quick and short. There are a lot of women out there who feel like when you’re interacting with men online, it’s the same as interacting with men offline.

You think like you’re going to sit back and wait for him to come to you and if he doesn’t come to you then well he can forget about it..

The key to meeting people online is that you can’t just sit back and relax. You need to take the initiative and take this initiative go out and talk to people. And it doesn’t have to be like a long message. It doesn’t have to be a long paragraph of things you saw on his profile.

It could be as simple as “hey there!” It could be very simple, but because of the fact that you send him a message, you reached out to him, you just give him a little bit of bait that he can bite, he will respond to you back.

And if you want a little practice to go out there and message guys and don’t necessarily do it for online dating, then you can actually take a look at an app like MeetMe

2. Have Him Come to You.

This will only if you do get the chance to meet him offline and in the real world. Make sure they come to you. Now I definitely don’t want him to know where you live, where you work or anything like that, but make it convenient for yourself. Make it such a way that he has to come to you.

Don’t travel 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour to see a guy you met online. Have him come closer to where you live.

Don’t give him any specific information again where you live, but at least make online dating convenient for you. And if he doesn’t want to drive to come see you, screw him. It’s worth the risk for you. He’s not good enough for you girl, he’s not.

3. Online pictures are more attractive than in real life

Always accept that he is at least 50% less attractive as his picture represents online.

Remember, with online dating, people put their absolutely best picture that they could ever find that’s ever taken of them. They’ll put it online like this online in the hopes that people will talk to them.

But what does that mean? It means that in all likelihood he’s probably not as attractive as this picture is and quite frankly I’m sure you did the same thing, putting your best picture out there for the world to see because of course you want to get messaged.

But the reality is if and when you do meet this person offline, you want to set your expectations a little low and realize that you know what, what’s most important is that you have chemistry with each other and don’t expect to see that person that you saw in that picture because in all likelihood they will look very different.

4. Use The Block Button Heavily.

The ‘Block’ button is there for a reason and it’s for your safety. So use it anytime a guy is rude to you, sending you ridiculous pictures of himself or someone else or something like that on all the apps you use or any online dating website.

Don’t let the guys who are being a little sketchy or being rude, don’t let them turn you off with online dating altogether.


Online dating tips for women

Online dating can be amazing and you have an opportunity to meet a lot of great guys. But unfortunately it will be some sketch balls along the way. Anytime you get the feeling that a guy is a little sketchy or a little bit away, use your intuition and block that guy block out of your life forever.

5. Pre-Qualify Him Before the Date

This is a strategy that many successful girls use when they start going out there and engage with online dating for the first time or in multiple times. They put out a profile and start getting a little bit of conversation online.

But then when they decide that “Yes, I would like to meet this guy offline.” They tell him exactly to call them. And by having him go ahead and take this step to call you means that he really investing more time and more energy in this date and when he’s not willing or ready to call you, then you know what it’s not worth your time meeting him in real life. This is pre-qualifyng him because you’re qualify him before the date.

6. An Online Date Is Not A Date.

The sixth online dating tip for you ladies is to remember that a first online date is not a date.It’s just a meet up. I’ve noticed dating online and a lot of online daters would go online and meet someone for the first time.

Now they get all bummed out if they don’t get a second date. But what I will always tell you you have to treat the first online date as if someone was meeting someone out in a bar, or in a restaurant, or anywhere. Just treat it that way and if it doesn’t work out, it does not work out. It’s not a big deal.

It is not until that person meets you, spends time with you and interact with you and then decide to see you again, really, that next time it’s a real date, okay? So don’t put some much pressure on yourself to think that you know what you’re a failure, you’ve were rejected if it didn’t work on that first online date. Don’t forget that, okay?

7. Prepare a  Funny Story From Your Day

OK so prepare a funny story or something to respond to when he asks you “how was your day?” Chances are, if you meet someone online for the first the thing they’re likely to ask you is “Oh, how was your day?” It’s pretty natural, isn’t it?

So many studies show that within the first 10-15 minutes, we all deciding whether or not a date will work out. You really want to put your best foot forward during this 10-15 minutes.

So you want to have already prepared a really funny story or something interesting that happened to you during that day.

Maybe tell a story of something that happened to you at work or when you were leaving work, on the way to the date, just have something in mind. You know what if nothing interesting happened to you today, you can also borrow a story something that happened to you a couple of weeks or a month ago. It’s okay no one is telling.

So there you have it! The seven online dating tips for women that you can use the year to meet amazing guys. So I want to ask you: Have you ever used any of these tips or tricks in the past and did it work? Lets us know in the comment section below. All the best with online dating.

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