Top dating tips if you're introverted

Top 5 Dating Tips for Introverts

Top 5 Dating Tips for Introverts.

Dating may seem impossible at times especially if you’re not used to putting yourself out there. In this article we share 5 dating tips for introverts which can help you get hitched! It’s scary when you have to worry about putting your heart on the line.

Not only that but it’s a lot of hard work and time investment. You’ve discovered that even though you’re actively dating you’re still on the search for a meaningful connection with someone.

Here are five ways to find true love if you’re an introvert and hate dating.

1. Go to events and places that reflect your favorite hobbies and interests.

Forget hitting the bar or club to meet people if that’s not where you feel like you can be your natural self. Meeting new people that you can potentially get to know over time requires a certain sense of self confidence.

By going to events and places that harbor your hobbies and interests, it’ll be easier for you to strike up conversations based on similarities, alleviating some of the stress introverts face when it comes to small talk.

2. Be prepared to go through trial-and-error.

Love is in a fairy tale and while you may hate the superficial aspects of dating, you certainly can’t go through it without getting your heart broken a few times or breaking someone else’s. There’s always a lesson to be learned in the world of dating for instance you might be used to Internalizing your thoughts and feelings as an introvert But while dating you’ll learn to get better at communicating with your partner and even though that might be difficult at times it isn’t impossible.

3. Have honest conversations.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are right from the beginning. As an introvert you value authenticity and depth anyway. If you want to skip out on trying to impress others be honest. Have the difficult conversations.

Ask them if they know where the both of you are headed. See if the two of you actually have chemistry but also communicate that you’re willing to make things work. If you’re serious about dating you shouldn’t have to worry about waiting for a certain amount of time to pass before responding back to text messages or coming off as desperate or clingy. To like someone is to still choose to be with them even on their worst days.

4. Only make time for people you’re really interested in.

Don’t date someone because they seem impressive on paper or if they’re someone your parents and friends will approve of. Ask yourself what you really want in a partner and only make time to meet up with people who you truly believe you are compatible with.

At the end of the day you’re the one dating that person and not anyone else. As an introvert you most likely don’t like creating conflict and rejecting those you don’t think you can have a relationship with will help you be one step closer to finding the right match.

Additionally don’t settle just because you’re afraid to be alone.

5. Keep an open mind.

This includes dating extroverts who operate in a different way. Who’s to say dating someone who’s your opposite can’t work out? The key word is compromise. As long as you and your partner respect each other’s boundaries, there’s no real reason as to why things can’t work out.

Even if misunderstandings may arise from time to time that’s normal in any relationship. Are you an introvert? What helps you in the realm of dating? Feel free to share in the comments below.

But what if your crush is an introvert?

We all feel a little nervous in front of the person we like. We even spray some deodorant and make sure nothing is stuck between our teeth, or wear the best clothes. But what if the other person is an introvert?

They may not even notice you while they concentrate on reading their book. Different interests make your life almost parallel. But know that it only takes one time for you to discover they are special.

Here are 5 tips if your crush is an introvert

1. Just because they’re so reserved around you does not mean they always will be.

Patience is the only way to their hearts. It may take time for them to open their minds. In the case of emotional subtlety, you may make you think that they are not interested in you But it does n’t mean they don’t want to be near you anymore.

Patience is the only way to an introverts heart. It takes time for an introvert to open up. It might seem like they are not into you if they’re emotionally reserved, but this doesn’t mean they don’t wanna get any closer to you.

I thought my boyfriend wasn’t into me on our first date when he was closed up. But I was totally wrong! Give them time and don’t be discouraged or intimidated. Instead see this as an opportunity to work up your charm.

2: When making plans choose less crowded places that are comfy and casual

Introverts prefer comfy low-key settings over a hectic area. But this does not mean they never go to big events or parties but they prefer to do it in small doses. When choosing activities to do together, be considerate and pick fun things you both can enjoy without stressing your crush out.

Go to the beach when it’s not so busy. Watch the movie on rainy days, and visiting the art museum are all options to keep in mind. My boyfriend’s personal favorite is going to quite places with me where he can get great shots on his camera.

3: Don’t take it personal if your crush needs some alone time

You probably want to spend as much time with them as possible and that’s understandable. Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with their crush?

But introverts can get overwhelmed after a long day and even extroverts need to recharge. Be supportive and allow them time to unwind. It just means they’re preparing for the next time you guys hang out. Bonus point is if you leave a cute note or an encouraging text.

4: Find out the best way they prefer to communicate

Some introverts especially shy ones feel more comfortable when texting than talking in person when you first meet them. Other also hate texting and prefer to hang out in person. Find out what their communication patterns and contact them accordingly.

My boyfriend hates talking on the phone unless it’s an emergency so we stick to face-to-face conversations and text messages.

It might be hard to get the ball rolling initially but introverts feel to get connected to the people they talk to. So skip the small talk and dive deep.

5: You don’t have to be introverted to make a good impression on them

Yes, birds of a feather flock together but opposites also attract. Just because your crush is an introvert doesn’t mean they expect their ideal lover to be one too. If you’re an extrovert, be mindful of their space and be careful in assuming they like going to the same places as you.

Introverts know how to have fun too but some activities, settings and events can too much for them. It’s not about changing who you are but meeting somewhere in the middle. Introverts can be hard to read so we hope these tips come in handy.

What are some of the challenges you face with your introverted crush? Please share them with us below.

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