Top 8 ways to boost your feminine energy that attract masculine men

Top 8 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Strengthen your existing relationship or attract new ones with the man you desire.

How to Boost Your Feminine Energy

In today’s article we’ll discuss 8 practical and easy ways to boost your feminine energy that will ignite attraction in masculine men. Whether you’re looking to attract a particular type of man or to strengthen your existing relationship with your man, this is article may be of immense help to you. Let’s get into it.

Eight Everyday Ways to Boost Your Feminine Energy

Now as you may know masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender. Both men and women we have masculine and feminine energy. The trick is knowing how to navigate and move from one to the other effectively.

This is key in creating attraction in relationships because masculine and feminine energies are polar to one another. They ignite attraction in one another so if you want a masculine man, a beautiful authentic, caring, masculine man you have to learn how to amplify your feminine energy.

These are the eight brilliant things or ways to boost your feminine energy at amplifying the feminine energy and creating that deep desire in masculine men.

1. Joyful receiving

The best way I have found to increase feminine energy is to learn how to receive. Perhaps you struggle with receiving gifts and compliments without feeling obliged to reciprocate. I’m an over-giver advice and gifts etc.

If doing things for others makes you feel good, it’s one of you highest love languages. Unfortunately in a romantic relationship this is masculine energy. It has been since the beginning of time.

So ladies, remember to just take a deep breath, smile and receive graciously.

Joyful receiving is huge to ignite the masculine in a man. Giving, providing as masculine energy. Receptivity is feminine energy; even the male and female bodies are built this way. So if you want to ignite his masculine energy, learn how to receive better.

Actually one of the tricks you can plan on your man is that if you’re naturally a giver know that you’re giving him the gift of giving to you. You’re giving him the ability to ignite his masculine energy which feels good.

I’ll give you a quick example. A client of mine wanted to change her love life. She was CEO, a business owner and way into her masculine energy. She really challenged me on this idea of giving and receiving and feminine energy and masculine energy.

But she decided to try something new and so she just tried it. She decided to try a full receiving on her next date.

She had a coffee date with this guy. She drives up to this parking lot to park for this date and the guy she’s going on this date happens to show up at the same time. He pulls in right behind her and they’re at a gate where she’s got to pay for parking.

He sees she’s about to pay for parking. He leaps out of his car, runs up to her and says hey “I’m so glad to meet you. you’re here let me get your parking.”

She said her natural instinct was to say “No, no, you know I’ve got it. I can pay for myself”. But she caught herself in that moment and reminded herself of joyful receiving. And she goes “You know what, that would be lovely, thank you.”

So she later called me and said when he paid and the gate went up for her, she goes “he had this amazing look on his face! I could literally see the energy in him expand and grow as I entered”.

“He smiled and put his hand out almost to say “you can pass””, she continued.

They had a great first date. This gesture she allowed the man to do ignited the attraction and now they are married, enjoying an amazing relationship together.

Joyful receptivity is great. Practice for amplifying your feminine energy.

2. Feel safe

Now I know this one can be more challenging especially if you’ve been hurt in the past or abused in the past or betrayed in the past but here’s what I’m talking about.

A great way to be more feminine is to make yourself feel safe. If you have to consistently fight to protect yourself more of your masculine side has to come out and the feminine will hide inside for protection and that’s exactly right.

When you’re not feeling safe you’re guarded, you’re in fight mode and that fight mode is masculine. So the question is how in the heck do you make yourself feel safe?

There’s two primary ways and this is a deeper topic than we can cover entirely in this article but the two primary ways are:

  1. to trust yourself to choose the right guy
  2. to trust yourself to speak up when you know something is off. Rock the boat when you know the relationship isn’t going in the direction that you want.

When you trust yourself, you can actually relax and enter into that state of feeling safe. Allow yourself to feel safe. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy his company. That allows your feminine energy to come forth.

3. Moving from your head into your body

Now masculine energy is cognitive thinking energy. Feminine energy is body feeling energy. So moving from your head to your body ignites your feminine energy.

Belly dancing truly a feminine hobby and what’s great about belly dancing is there’s actually two components that ignite feminine energy:

  1. anytime you dance, it gets you out of your head into your body so that in and of itself ignites your feminine energy.
  2. feminine energy is also circular energy whereas masculine energy is more straight-line energy

Just consider the male body for a moment. The male form is angular, a lot of straight lines in the male form. The female form has curves to it. So there’s more circular motion to that form and studies show that even just doing circular motions like this increase your feminine energy.

4. Connection and specifically connecting to other women

How often do you connect to other women? Do you have girl time in your life? Here’s a comment from a video on YouTube. She says, “to me the best way I feel that activates my feminine energy is going to the gym and especially to Zumba classes. Those classes light me up!”

Have you watched any Zumba classes lately or participated in one? Check this out:


It’s 90% women isn’t it?

When you’re doing the zumba class you’re not only dancing, you’re not only getting out of your head and into you’re into your body but you’re also doing it together with other girls. You’re doing the moves together. You’re in sync. You’re in motion. You’re all doing this together and it ignites the feminine energy because that in sync coordination is a deep level of connection.

5. Wearing clothes and fragrance that makes you feel sexy

Here’s another YouTube comment about how wearing feminine clothes and fragrance brings out your feminine energy. Janice writes “femininity, feeling good about yourself is about wearing sexy clothes, perfumes and skin care routines whilst also moving forward with self-improvement and work”.

Really at the core of this is feeling good about yourself by wearing clothes that highlight your feminine curves. Clothes that highlight yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing those fragrances that you feel good about yourself. That you know that if you go in for that hug or that kiss with that man that you know that you’re gonna smell really good in that process.

Feeling good about yourself helps you relax and helps you radiate that feminine presence you have.

6. Feminine health care

Sheila actually describes this one well. Sheila Blake says “I’m extremely feminine naturally. I love everything about being a woman. I’m emotionally driven naturally. I dress in feminine ways because that’s how I’m comfortable. I look feminine. I love every part that makes me look and feel feminine.”

Then she goes on to say what she does to help ignite that feminine energy. “I take time to care for myself, dress nicely take care of my appearance with cosmetics, fragrance, clothing. I have regular manicures, pedicures, massages and girls days.”

What I love about this is the willingness to take care of yourself. The willingness to give yourself the manicure, to give yourself the pedicure to give yourself the time to go and just have a massage is so key because that shows you’re nurturing yourself.

Remember we talked about receptivity. You’re actually giving to yourself. You’re allowing yourself to receive the love and care from yourself. So go to that pedicure, allow them to massage your feet.

Yes, I know you may have kids, work a full-time job and have a husband. So what most women in that position do is ignore themselves. They can’t figure out how to be able to have time to go and do the manicure and pedicure.

But the call to action here is to make time for you. Make time to prioritize your yourself.

If you’re in that role that means you’re giving to everybody else you’re putting everyone else first make time to put yourself first because in that regard you age you fill your own tank you feel more energized and you radiate more of that feminine energy which your masculine man will truly appreciate.

7. Tone of voice

You may have grown up as the only girl among four siblings. So you might have developed a tone of voice that resembles that of your brothers. You may even be a Tomboy and to top it off, you’re working in a man’s field. So change your tone when you talk.

I love this era because we all have the ability to influence how we show up and how we speak. Now what this doesn’t mean is that you have to be something that you’re not. But you have spectrum and you have the ability to when you want to use a masculine tone.

And when you’re in a leadership position you want to be commanding to put on that commanding masculine tone. You also have the ability to swing the spectrum to the other side and to put on that sweet soft sensual tone that ignites the masculine man and so play with this I think you’ll like what you find out.

8. Be sensuous

The more sensuous you become the more masculine men you attract. Masculine men love a sensuous woman. What this means is that you’re in touch with your senses instead of riding up here in your head are you actually experiencing the senses in your body.

So practice for this: when you’re enjoying a meal, really savor every bite to see if you can experience all the flavors that one bite has to offer you. When you’re wearing your clothes can you actually experience the clothes on your body?

Several times throughout the day as you’re living and moving and having your life ask yourself what am I feeling right now? What am i experiencing right now and that will shift you actually from masculine into feminine energy.

So there you have it. Eight practices to boost or amplify your feminine energy that your masculine men will absolutely love and be attracted to you. Now my question for you is are there any feminine practices that you do that we haven’t listed?

Go ahead and post in the comment section below. What really works for you to amplify your feminine energy? Leave them in the comments section below.

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