How to Become a Better Man – 9 Greatest Masculine Principles

If you’re questioning your masculinity, these tips can help you

Think and Grow Rich is one of the most read books on the planet especially for men that want to level up in their life. It’s a must read if you want to know how to become a better man. So what are the greatest lessons from the book that every man needs to practice to improve their masculinity?

We will discuss these in just a moment but start by understanding that everything about you begins from your subconscious mind. Whether your goal is to become more masculine or become a better man at home for her, work, or generally in life, it all starts in the subconscious. Habits, personality, and results all begin from your mind.

Think of your subconscious mind as the unseen reality that you can’t see yet dictates your every move. It can either motivate you to believe in yourself as a man and be prepared to take on new challenges, or it can move you on a self-destructive path. Simply put success at becoming a better man or at anything in life, is first an idea and then a physical result.



9. Money and Status Don’t Define Your Happiness.

You do not need money and fame to be happy in your life. Yes, it’s true that money and status can help you live a comfortable life but here’s the harsh truth: most depressed people I have seen in my life have been rich. Start by understanding that your happiness is a direct reflection of inner peace. Being rich is much more than having a ton of money and status.

It is about being happy about yourself as a person and what you have achieved in your life, not the material things surrounding you. You may choose to be a volunteer for orphans and derive the most happiness out of that compared to let’s say starting in onlyfans and being dead on the inside.

So remember, the principles of this book carry timeless wisdom and can be applied to your life starting today. This book has made some of the greatest businessmen in the world. So use these tips and start building a life that first begins from the mind.


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