11 High Paying Work From Home Jobs for Extra Money

At least there should be one job that will fit your situation from the following list.

Real Top Paying Work From Jobs You Can Do.

In the past decade or more, even the idea of finding legitimate and high paying work from home jobs and business opportunities was only nothing but a dream. Worst still it was for those who were willing to part with their hard-earned money in search of profitable at home jobs.

However, things have come a long way to say the least. There are hundreds of people who are working from home, making full time incomes, in cases even more, working in the pyjamas. They do these mostly through affiliate marketing or e-commerce.

The onset of the global pandemic has also forced a lot of companies and individuals who never thought about working remotely to reconsider their position and allow employees to work from home on a full time basis, even if it’s a temporary solution.

So in this article we’re talking about eleven different jobs you can do from home in this coming year.

Like I said a lot of these ideas of how to make money online or how to work from home are just flat out scams. So you want to be careful when you’re searching for real work from home jobs.

With these 11 highest paying work from home jobs I’m sharing with you, I’ve vetted all eleven so you know that these are legitimate ways that you can make money work from home. So let’s get started with these right now.

Possible High Paying Work From Home Jobs

1. Apple Home Advisor

So the first legitimate work at home jobs for moms, dads, serious college students and just about everyone is actually by working as a home advisor for a company like Apple. So what I really like about this is that these companies that you can find that you can work from home.

These companies are very reputable, may be some of the most reputable companies in the world. And you want to be careful with some of these other ones where you’re not familiar with what they actually do and you look at the reviews online and some of them are a little bit sketchy.

However with a company like Apple it’s a very reputable company so you can go online and you can see the various different job openings they have. In this case you can see Home Advisor openings for Apple.

When you go to the link above you can see there are home advisor jobs for different countries, with different language requirements. Some of these include being able to speak French Canadian, German or Mandarin. There’s a lot of different openings and you can do this from home.

Most of these are also high paying work from home jobs without a college degree requirement and skills. And it’s not just Apple but you can do this through multiple companies. There certainly are a lot of companies that have this customer support where you’re either supporting customers through live chat or answering phones for customer complaints and issues. These are legitimate ways of making money from home working on the Internet.


2. Become A Ghost Writer

The next legitimate work from home jobs category is becoming a ghost blogger or writer. There a lot of people who have blogs or businesses that have blogs. Most of them don’t write the content themselves.

For example people even like Gary Vaynerchuk has admitted that he doesn’t write all his content he actually does have people who write for him. He might give them an outline and then somebody else writes it for him.

Guess you can be that person who writes those blog posts or writes those books for other people. You can think about most politicians. They don’t sit down and write a 400 page book.

They give them an outline and then somebody else writes the book for them. That’s how it works in the world of writing in a lot of cases because they’re just too busy. They don’t have all the time in the world to do that.

So they work together on writing these posts or these books and you can become that person if you’re good with words. You can become that person to do that and work from home by ghost writing for people.


3. SEO Consultant

The next one on the high paying work from home jobs list probably the most important advice from this article and it’s about building a skill. Now may ask what the heck is an SEO consultant? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO consultants help businesses and bloggers rank their web pages high in the search engine results pages. So this of like when you type in a search query such as ‘high paying work from home jobs’, you get a list of results returned by Google or Bing or Yahoo.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes that make those websites or web pages appear to users looking for answers to their queries. And the people who make that happen are called SEO consultants. And it’s one of the best work from home jobs you can do. It’s a skill worth acquiring.

The the real big picture here is that you want to focus on building some type of skill and it takes time and effort. When I was researching for information for this article, I saw a lot of content that said work from home by clicking on buttons and make $25 an hour.

Or maybe do some surveys or some Mechanical Turk or some data entry job but there too many people living in the third world doing these types of data entry jobs where making a $1 per hour means a lot in their local currency.

If you live in United States or in the developed world doing this surveys where you have to pay to get registered to receive the surveys in the first place and then answer them for $1 per hour is not going to cut it.

You want to build some skills because you’re going to demand more money once you’re good at it. That’s why those clicking button type of work at home jobs aren’t going to make you much money. There’s no skill involved anybody could do it.

If you’re building those skills you can demand more money and so it is with SEO if you become very good at it and it takes time. You could become a Facebook Ads expert.


4. Airbnb Host

How can being an Airbnb host be on a list of high paying work from home jobs? Well you know you can actually rent out a room in your house or in your apartment through Airbnb. Not your entire house but a single room.

I know personally paid for private rooms in somebody else’s apartment and I paid almost $100 a night. Now this is not going to be for everyone especially when you have a kids at home. But if you live alone or you’re just a couple with no children, you can consider this.

Now imagine if you can get $100 at night times say 10 days out of a month. That’s $1,000 a month in essentially passive income that can come in every month to help with the bills or some additional investments.

To do this properly you need to look and become familiar with local authority laws in the city where you live or where your property is located. But it’s something you can look into and make some money really passively from home.


5. Virtual Assistant

High paying work from home jobs can also come in the form of being a virtual assistant. Now you might have heard this one before but if you live in somewhere like the United States you can actually probably demand a little bit more money because you’re probably a native English speaker.

When you’re a native English speaker or in some other countries as well such as Canada who demand those higher amounts you can actually get more money for that. This is because you ask companies to pay you a little bit more and in a lot of cases they’re willing to bid a little bit higher for somebody who lives within that country.

So if you live in Germany you can probably make more money from German based companies because you live there and you’re also a native speaker of that language. Generally you can make about $15 an hour give or take a little bit depending on how many skills you have.

So what do virtual assistants do?

Virtual assistants if you’re not familiar with what they do, it’s pretty self-explanatory. As a virtual assistant you could be doing anything from just assisting with any business operations that might be happening and anything that gets thrown your way.

So you really have to be very versatile with the capabilities and the flexibility of what things you can manage but the more you have on your resume the better chance you’ll have at raising your prices and charging 15, 20, $25 an hour as a virtual assistant.

How do you get hired as a virtual assistant?

A couple of places you can get started is with a website like Upwork or Freelancer. There’s hundreds of skills you can sell on these sites and get top dollar such as 30, 40, $50 an hour for your skills.

So a virtual assistant is an all round high paying work from home jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world and you can work regardless of where you live. It can be US-based, Canadian or from Pakistan; it doesn’t matter where you are, you can make money by becoming a virtual assistant.


6. Copywriting

Becoming a copywriter is also a great way of making a lot of money working from home. As far as I can remember someone like Dan Locke, copywriting is one of those first businesses that he started.

So really you’re gonna be like a wordsmith as copywriter. There’s lot of sales going on online all the time. This is also true with even offline sales such as TV commercials. All those ads you see on your TV are crafted by copywriters. They know what to say and how to say it to get the desired action from a potential customer.

You’re gonna be very good with crafting sentences and phrases and catchy things that are persuasive to bring in buyers to lure in buyers and and potential clients for a business.

For example on a company’s website you might see some phrases on there some paragraphs or some wording a lot of that’s done by copywriters. They’re very good at what they do.

You can become a copywriter and work remotely for an advertising company or you can freelance this on places like Upwork.


7. Sell Plants Seedlings or Physical Products

So like I said in the beginning not all of these high paying work from home jobs will be suitable for everyone. Just pick one that suits your situation and look into it further. With that said the next at home jobs you can do is for all of you out there who might have a backyard or maybe a little bit of land out there.

You can start your own little plant nursery. You can actually propagate plants and then sell them. You can sell tomato plants, flowers, etc. You’re basically building a little green house in your backyard and sell these and you can they really expand this into some other ideas as well.

A lot of the time when it comes to finding real work from home jobs people try to reinvent the wheel when all the while they take a step back and kind of analyze it from behind. You can find out that you can sell this physical product from home and make some money on it.

You can advertise on Craigslist or other similar website specific for your country.


8. Teach a Skill Online

There are some of you who are gifted in things like music or playing musical instruments. Why not teach others to learn from you? Teaching your skill or gift is one the high paying work from home jobs you can do and maybe you haven’t given a lot of thought.

If you know how to play the piano, guitar, or keyboard, you can teach it to people and these you don’t have to be in a physical building to transfer your skills to others. You can also become a voice coach.

You can make $30 for 30-minute sessions by teaching people piano and have multiple people per day throughout the week. You could be making close to $1,000 a week just by teaching piano from your living room.

So that’s something you could think about and it doesn’t have to be just music. You can do anything that might have a skill. So maybe you’re really good at fitness and you’re a personal trainer and maybe you have enough space where you can turn your basement into a really nice gym.

Get started and train people from home. Find out what you’re best at. People are willing to pay money for so market it and sell it.


9. Academic Test Scoring

Another category of high paying work from home jobs that is legitimate is becoming an academic test scorer. You will be working for a company like Pearson.

Pearson is a very reputable educational company that’s been around for a long time. Now what you need to know is that it’s not a work from home job without a college degree because you’re actually going to be grading academic work. So you do have to have a bachelor’s degree.

So again this might not apply for everyone but I just wanted to throw that in there for anybody who does have a bachelor’s degree.

You can look into Pearson’s website and see the requirements you need for that. But it is a pretty interesting kind of work from home gig. It may not be a full-time job but you can do that from home and make some real good money from it. Go to their website and find out more if you have what it takes.


10. Cybersecurity Consultant

Becoming a cybersecurity consultant is one of the top paying work from home jobs you can actually do. So let’s say you graduated from college or University, entered the workforce and worked for a couple of years.

You now have something that’s really established within the cybersecurity industry.

You can actually work remotely from home for your company but also for another company that will help you make more money on the side.

With cybersecurity, there’s a lot more of an ability to work remotely so long as you’re getting the job done and this actually helps a company out as well because they don’t have to pay for as much office space because people are working remotely and still getting a lot of their work done.

Obviously this is going to require some training in cybersecurity and how to use software from stopping hackers and phishing scams and all that. But once you get qualified you can get paid top dollar to work from home.


11. Becoming an Author.

Now the last of the top high paying work from home jobs is is to become an author. Now becoming an author it’s not easy but if you have time on your hands and you’re trying to make some money from home you can write books.

It’s never been easier to actually publish these books. Now you can self publish on Amazon. Self publishing any types of books is pretty easy these days at least compared to what it used to be.

It used to be that you had to find a publisher and get them to accept your book and then publish it. It was a mess. Now it’s so much easier to just do it through Amazon. You can publish it as an e-book or you can publish it even as a paperback.



These are the top high paying work from home jobs you can actually do from home. Not everyone of them will be suitable in your situation but two or three or more will. Just pick one that fits you and get started on it.

What are some of the other best work from home jobs that you know of and have vetted to be tried and true? Feel free to share with our readers. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, leave them below.

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